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NABLF Launches First Time Managers Fellowship

NABLF First Time Manager Series
(Image credit: NAB)

WASHINGTON—The NAB Leadership Foundation wants to guide those taking on the responsibility of a station managerial role for the first time with a new scholarship program, the First Time Manager Fellowship. Now accepting applications, the program invites women, people of color or any individual representing a small market station serving as a manager for the first time.

The First Time Manager Series will be an online course featuring interactive sessions and resources designed to help bridge the gap in management training that can be an obstacle for professionals starting out in their first supervisory role, NABLF said. The program will be divided into five parts, with curriculum covering managerial responsibility, including productive transition habits, continued professional development and progressive leadership skills.

The fellowship will fund enrollment for 10 fellows in the First Time Manager Series. Fellows will be selected through an application process and awarded by the Leadership Foundation, funded by a grant from the Nielsen Foundation.

“We look forward to providing professional development opportunities and engaging the next generation of industry leaders,” said Michelle Duke, NABLF president. “Thank you to the Nielsen Foundation for its support of this program, which will assist fellows in their first managerial roles and throughout their careers.”

The deadline to apply for the fellowship is Dec. 18. Details and eligibility requirements are available at