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NAB2006: Sharp Slides Aquos HD to Online Realm

Sharp said it will soon introduce to the Japanese market its "Internet AQUOS" which will enable users to view HD broadcasts and simultaneously tap into online broadband "broadcasts" using one universal remote for navigation.

The Internet AQUOS line-up includes four models based on the combinations of its 37-inch (LD-37SP1) and 32-inch (LD-32SP1) models, with HD video recording (PC-AX100M) or a terrestrial analog-recording (PC-AX50M) personal computer.

By fusing PC functions with its LCD HDs, Sharp said in a statement it’s "expanding TV applications into new territory." Users cannot only view HD broadcasts, but can enable the remote to quickly display Web sites associated with a growing number of TV programs--while they are being viewed--as well as enable online purchases related to show themes instantaneously.

Sharp said users also will be able to record HD broadcasts, store photo images and store downloaded music on the 500 GB built-in hard drive.