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NAB2006: Network Electronics Unveils 'Sublime' Router

Network Electronics is showcasing more than 30 new products this week here in Las Vegas, including a 3 GB router switcher (model SL-3GHD). It was the second NAB exhibitor to announce a 3 GB router unit.

Evertz, which recently acquired Quartz, broke the news of its own 3 GB router plans in an exclusive interview with NAB Daily News and HD Notebook just prior to the opening of exhibits on Day 1. While both companies are claiming to be the first out of the box with the expanded 3 GB range, it appears Network Electronics will be the first-to-market with the break-through router, with a shipping date tentatively set for mid-May. (Evertz’s unit is not yet ready for display.)

One attribute of any 3 GB router is fairly obvious, according to company Senior Designer Martin Hodges. "It makes things a lot easier," he told HD Notebook. "Especially with the rollout of 1080p, you really need that huge 3 GB. It’s robust, and it reclocks [removes noise] quite well."

The new VikinX Sublime line is Network Electronics’ second-gen of compact routing switchers, affording flexible matrix parameters (8x8 to 64x64, and 128x2) that can cover signal formats ranging from analog video/audio to HD realms.