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NAB2005 To Unveil First Working Model HD Station

"NAB-HD" will be a joint effort of many NAB exhibitors to assemble a working HD station facility right on the convention floor of NAB2005, for the first time. The working model will be located in the North Hall of the LVCC for next month's show, and will feature a master control, HD production center, three-camera news set for roundtable discussions, and an adjacent HD production truck. The setup will also feature a large-screen HD projection display and theater-type seating in the center, for live presentations.

The model station's end product will be available throughout Vegas. Besides its hands-on instructional value, it will also serve as NAB's official "TV show" during the convention, April 16-21. Daily program segments (about 75 min. each) will be featured on HD monitors at the model station site itself, as well as on analog monitors throughout the LVCC complex, in thousands of hotel rooms, and, for the first time, on the show's shuttle buses. (For a detailed preview on the model station and floor plan, see the Feb. 16 print edition of TV Technology.)