NAB Show: NBC to Detail its Skypath HD System

NBC Universal’s engineering paper on its new “Skypath HD” system, which it sees as its next step in the evolution of a fully HD network, will be presented at the 2008 NAB Show on Tuesday, April 15, at 3 p.m. (S226/227 in the LVCC).

“Once Skypath HD is deployed, NBC programming will be distributed to its broadcast affiliates exclusively in HD, simplifying the distribution process. What makes this all possible is NBC’s … HD/SD infrastructure that has seamlessly incorporated AFD. A local downconverter will generate the main NBC SD feed for its local stations—presented at the proper aspect ratio under dynamic AFD control,” NAB said in its technical newsletter to members.

NAB said the entire Skypath HD paper will be available for sale as part of the published BEC Proceedings at the NAB Show.