NAB Show Exhibitor Insight: Vizrt Group

Steve Wind-Mozley (Image credit: Vizrt Group)

TV TECH: What do you anticipate will be the most significant technology trends at the 2022 NAB Show?

STEVE WIND-MOZLEY: I try and steer clear of predictions, but if I had to guess I’d say the tech trends likely to be popular at NAB Show this year are the ones gaining traction in the market currently including, AI, ML, VR, XR, REMI, cloud, automation, IP-video and a host of other acronyms and buzz words! It’s an incredibly dynamic time for our industry.

Some of these trends are continuing, while others are just beginning, but ultimately the technologies that will warrant the most attention are those that make it easier and more efficient for content creators to serve their audiences in a valuable manner, or as we would say, help them to deliver more stories, better told.

TVT: What will be your most important product news?

WIND-MOZLEY: We won’t necessarily have one big announcement of product innovation tied to the show. The past few years have changed the way that we, and much of the industry, now go to market. As our entire industry was denied the ability to launch products in person at shows, we found new and effective ways of doing so, so the main reason for us attending NAB Show is to simply, but importantly, reconnect with some of our customers, partners and friends.

This year, across all the Vizrt Group brands, we have incredible product roadmaps planned, which we are eager to divulge—more developments will come soon, and we have already released some of our new innovations for this year.

NDI announced a new version, NDI|HX 3, which enables manufacturers and developers to magnify flexibility with higher-quality video with a much lower latency without the need to change or upgrade hardware. NewTek’s latest PTZ camera, the PTZ3, is the world’s first camera to offer NDI|HX 3 and offers reduced bandwidth, advanced audio and better connection. Over on Vizrt we premiered our new AI Object Tracker to great effect at the Daytona 500.

TVT: How is your new product different from what’s available on the market?

WIND-MOZLEY: All of our products and developments are built around four basic principles; they are IP-based, software-defined, content-centric and innovative. It is perhaps the last element, combined with our steadfast commitment to supporting our customers to ensure they can deliver when it really matters, that sets our solutions apart.

We’ve become very nimble and responsive with the delivery of our newest solutions. Our investments in R&D, UX and product development continue throughout the year and 2022 truly represents a record-breaking year for the Vizrt Group in terms of product development and we have some revolutionary launches planned for NewTek, NDI and Vizrt.

TVT: How has the pandemic affected your company's business over the past two years and how will it impact how your exhibit at this year's show?

WIND-MOZLEY: If we’ve learned anything through the pandemic, it is the importance of people. Be they our customers, our partners or our colleagues, people played a huge part in allowing us to adapt in the initial stages and grow over the last few years quite significantly. The strength of our people, coupled with the advantages of being a content-centric, IP-focused, software-defined organization has enabled us to serve and support more customers and partners than ever before.