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NAB Show: 'Digital Anarchy' Smooths HD Wrinkles

Digital Anarchy Beauty Box
Sometimes maybe anarchy can be a good thing. After all, not everyone loves all that added detail that HD formats generously provide viewers — especially those folks who appear in close-up regularly such as news anchors and actors. But Digital Anarchy says they can smooth over the rough spots (literally) given some special digital software to be applied liberally in post-production.

While that won't do anchors much good since they're usually appear live, Digital Anarchy said a lot of others can benefit, so they'll be showing off their new "skin smoothing software" for video, HD and film at the NAB Show. The software (marketed as "Beauty Box") is a plug-in designed to lessen or eliminate wrinkles, skin discoloration, and other blemishes by applying its proprietary After Effects, Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro software.

Digital Anarchy (Booth SL3927) will be located in the Plug-in Pavilion in the LVCC South Hall (adjacent to the Adobe Booth).

The firm said a Beauty Box makeover in post-production is undertaken by the use of "state-of-the-art face detection and smoothing algorithms." (Editors are not required to manually create masks or perform frame-by-frame retouches, as in earlier modes.) New technology can now automatically identify an array of skin tones and remove imperfections routinely without detection.

Digital Anarchy said its new software (version 1.1) gives speed optimization for GPU rendering with nVidia cards (opens in new tab).