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NAB: Mindspeed reveals HD Semiconductor Advances

Mindspeed Technologies, a supplier of semiconductor ware for network infrastructure applications, is showing demonstrating its range of HD applications specifically for broadcast operations this week, including a fiber-access infrastructure (Booth N408).

Mindspeed said its product portfolio can now be used at virtually every stage of content generation, distribution, transmission and consumption. Among its units on display is its crosspoint switch (model M21170), engineered to enhance the more typical 144x144 devices used in the many of today's large routers. The single-chip M21170 creates a 288x288 non-blocking matrix for a router switching core (thus replacing the usual four cascaded 144x144 crosspoints required to achieve the same number of inputs and outputs).

Mindspeed's quadrupling of the core matrix is designed to double available switching capacity and enable routing s greater numbers of serial data streams. The 2x2 non-blocking crosspoint switch is optimized for SDI (Serial Digital Interface) applications, and has the capability to run up to 3.2Gbps.