NAB: Fujinon eyes Next-Gen 3D Lenses

Fujinon' 3D Synchronous Control System
What's 3DTV without 3D lenses? Actually, a non-dimensional blank screen. So Fujinon will use the NAB confab to roll out half a dozen new lenses in conjunction with the S3D format for production purposes (Booth C7425). Fujinon said its new lenses feature ultra high optical and mechanical specs — coupled with precision zoom and focus options.

Technically speaking, 3D lenses used in tandem for 3D productions must consistently share the same focal length and be able to precisely match zoom-and-focus positions. Fujinon said its proprietary 3D Synchronous Control System includes a zoom controller (ERD-10A-D01) and synchronizer/focus controller (HJ-303A-06A).

Its system also comes with a pair of SA-206H cables to provide interfacing between the 3D controllers and lenses. (The system automatically synchronizes left and right lenses so zoom-and-focus move in precise paired unison.)

Four of the firm's new B4-mount lenses are designed specifically for 3D HD production, as well as two lenses for "extended definition."

Fujinon said all its 3D products will be available for delivery immediately after NAB.