MX1 Supported National Geographic’s ‘Earth Live’ Broadcast

GERMANY—Viewers of National Geographic’s “Earth Live” broadcast on July 9 got to go globe-trotting across the planet with the help of media services company MX1. The company did so by providing live satellite transmission and production support in 10 of the broadcast’s 28 locations around the world.

MX1 was set up at locations in Fiji, Australia, Ethiopia, Alaska, Brazil, Finland, Thailand and India. In addition, MX1 was also used by All Mobile Video/Chelsea Television Studios/AMV Gateway Teleport to transmit feeds from the remote locations to AMV’s studios in New York City for live studio integration with the broadcast.

With the help of partners like Telstra Broadcast Services, Mobilelinks, CAT Telecom, DSC, Planetcast, Videe, and JA Satellite, MX1 was able to streamline the real-time broadcast operations.

The 10 locations featured uplinks and flyaways to support National Geographic’s transmission requirements. Over the course of the event, more than 15 hours of test and live feeds were transmitted and seven feeds were statmuxed at MX1 facilities and delivered to AMV.

“Earth Live” aired on July 9.