Multiplatform Content Delivery Is ‘Most Important Priority for Technology Users’ Says IABM

GLOUSESTERSHIRE, U.K.—The IABM has released its latest Buying Trends Report, which reveals a confidence in the broadcast and media industry despite a drop in revenues.

According to the report, revenue growth has decreased from 9.3% in April 2019 to 3.1% currently, and profit growth remains negative at -3.1%—slightly down from -2.4% reported in April.

One of the other key findings of the report is that multiplatform content delivery is the most important priority for technology users followed by 4K/UHD.

The report also reveals:

  • Confidence in the industry remains high with 74% of respondents saying that they are positive about the business environment, down by four percentage points compared to six months ago
  • 21% of technology users derive the vast majority of their revenue (more than 80%) from traditional broadcast operations although most expect this to change
  • Efficiency remains the most important driver of product purchase, followed by total cost of ownership and agility
  • Investment in building internal capabilities for technology development continues to increase
  • Cloud, UHD and AI rise while Blockchain is still at an early stage of adoption at 2%
  • 92% of end-users say that interoperability is important

“Changing priorities have translated into a shift in technology spending that prioritizes Opex over Capex,” said Lorenzo Zanni, IABM head of insight and analysis. “Our data demonstrates that technology users are focusing on solutions that make them more efficient and agile. In order to do that, they are spending more money on generic IT technology and increasingly investing in in-house development to suit their specific needs. This shift in technology spending is prompting end-users to adopt a variety of emerging technologies to streamline their supply-chains for the multiplatform world. Given that confidence levels remain relatively high, it is clear they are optimistic that they can meet the challenge from the digital giants head on.”

Jenny Priestley

Jenny has worked in the media throughout her career, joining TVBEurope as editor in 2017. She has also been an entertainment reporter, interviewing everyone from Kylie Minogue to Tom Hanks; as well as spending a number of years working in radio. She continues to appear on radio every week and occasionally pops up on TV.