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MTV UK invests in HD-ready infrastructure

MTV UK has upgraded the infrastructure of the master control room (MCR) at its transmission and media center in London’s Camden district. The new $4 million facility, which also houses MTV’s studios, will enable MTV to operate more than 50 channels and multiple incoming circuits via satellite or fiber from one centralized master control center. The consolidated facility, now entirely HD ready and easily expandable, is designed to meet a variety of diverse requirements from broadcasters and production professionals.

MTV worked with various manufacturers who were able to custom design and build some of the equipment to specifically meet MTV’s needs. Multi-image display processor technology from Evertz supplied the multiview of the MTV channels and studios within the control room. The infrastructure of the control room has been rebuilt, moving all incoming and outgoing lines to BT and Arqiva for diversity.

Three Christie rear-projection cubes have replaced the monitoring wall, while a Pro-Bel Sirius router links up all sources including studios at the Camden facility.

Fitted with a Skyline DataMiner system, MTV can now automatically log and alarm faults on both incoming and outgoing circuits, and a Tektronix video analysis system provides real-time monitoring. A new Telex talkback system means employees can now also speak to remote sites using voice over IP.

The design and build of MTV’s new master control room was completed in house using the MTV systems engineering team.

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