MSTV files objection with Commission over KSPX request to move analog transmitter

The Association for Maximum Service Television has filed an informal objection with the FCC over Paxson Sacramento License’s request for authority to relocate an analog transmitter used by KSPX-TV on the grounds that such a waiver of transmitter spacing rules would create five analog short spacings and leave thousands of viewers without analog service.

According to the Nov. 25 filing, the plan to move KSPX-TV’s transmitter some 42.5 miles from its original location “would violate the Commission’s rules and compromise the ability of multiple broadcasters to serve their viewers.”

The sole reason given for the station’s proposed transmitter relocation is to increase KSPX-TV’s service area, the MSTV filing said.

“This reason, however,” the filing said, “is insufficient to justify a waiver that would result in the loss of television service to thousands of viewers, depriving many of them of a third television service, without providing any new service to underserved areas or helping to advance the digital transition.

“The Commission has explicitly refused to waive its short spacing requirements based solely on ‘an applicant’s desire to other communities outside its city of license.’

“Thus, KSPX’s desire to increase its service area must take a back seat to the public interest in ensuring uninterrupted service to the viewers of other stations in the market to which KSPX would cause interference.”

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