MSTV chief issues call to action on white space issue

David Donovan, president of the Association for Maximum Service Television, says now is the time for TV broadcasters to contact the FCC and their members of Congress to protect their over-the-air signals from white space device interference
Allowing white space devices that rely on spectrum sensing to operate in the TV band is a risky move, says MSTV President David Donovan.

Last week, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin announced he would back a proposal at next month’s open commission meeting to allow unlicensed white space devices to operate in spectrum currently reserved for DTV transmission, wireless mics and a few other uses.

Martin’s Oct. 15 announcement came on the same day that the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology released a 141-page report detailing the results of lab and field testing of prototype white space devices to determine whether technologies such as spectrum sensing could eliminate the threat of harmful interference to DTV signals.

It seems that Martin’s announced backing and a thumbs-up in the report’s executive summary given to white space devices do not jibe with OET test findings presented in the document.

The Association for Maximum Service Television has spearheaded the effort to protect DTV transmission from white space device-generated harmful interference. “HD Technology Update” spoke with MSTV President David Donovan about where the industry goes from here. This week’s Sound Off is presented as an audio podcast.

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