MRC Broadcast introduces TwinStream microwave links

Microwave Radio Communications' TwinStream is a single and dual-channel microwave link which includes analog and digital modems.

The Twinstream application features studio-to-transmitter links and transmitter-to-studio links, satellite backhauls and analog plus digital newsgathering backhauls.

The system can be used for: studio-to-transmitter links, transmitter-to-studio links, satellite backhauls, analog plus digital ENG backhauls, cable headend feeds and multi-hop networks.

The system operates over 10 to 28 MHz. The architecture supports FCC and ITU channel plans from 1.9 to 15.4 GHz.

TwinStream also features stable, low-noise YiG oscillator technology, RF amplifiers and power supplies for each RF carrier, built-in diagnostics through front panel controls and display, dual-polarization option for increased system gain, separate power supplies and power amplifiers for each carrier.

Choose from single-oscillator (Series 1) or dual-oscillator (Series 2) versions.

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