MPA Taps TMT Insights to Assess Cloud Security

(Image credit: MPA)

LOS ANGELES—The Motion Picture Association (MPA) has selected TMT Insights, a professional services and software development company, to build, implement, and support the new security assessment platform for the MPA's Trusted Partner Network (TPN).

TPN is the MPA's global, industry-wide film and television content protection initiative. The TPN program helps companies prevent leaks, breaches, and hacks of their customers' movies and TV shows prior to their intended release and seeks to raise security awareness, preparedness, and capabilities within the industry.

The new platform will help TPN build upon its overall mission by providing customers, including service providers and content owners, with a flexible new system that centralizes their security status information and streamlines processes for site and cloud security assessments.

The new TPN platform will ensure that vendors, content owners, and assessors can collaborate efficiently and securely regarding security status. TMT Insights will design a dynamic, flexible back-end solution and a user-friendly front-end interface that enables service providers to manage and communicate easily about security status updates.

"With expertise in media supply chain and content management, coupled with deep experience servicing the major studios, TMT Insights is innately aligned with the principles driving the TPN program and is uniquely equipped to help us create a more flexible model that facilitates broader participation in the program," said TPN President Terri Davies. "By introducing new capabilities such as self-reporting and improving the efficiency of the TPN assessment process, the platform TMT Insights is developing will improve communications between all stakeholders and help enable vendors to become a part of TPN's global registry of 'trusted partner' companies."

"TPN is a valuable resource that allows content creators, owners, and studios to validate that their partners are maintaining essential security standards and responsiveness to vulnerabilities that threaten the security or integrity of their content," said Andy Shenkler, CEO at TMT Insights. "We're pleased to work with TPN to simplify access to this network of qualified vendors and to help the entire industry benefit from the rapidly expanding requirements of enhanced security awareness, preparedness, and capability."

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