Moxi Pushes 3-Tuner HD DVR

We didn't include this item in this issue's grab bag of holiday items for Black Friday and beyond because it's probably fair to say that few homes or offices have the need to record three HD programs simultaneously while watching a fourth. Yet such an attraction will be out there, if the need arise, and it should be available at holiday price points.

Moxi, based in Suwanee, Ga., is marketing its newest HD DVR as "the perfect gift for anyone who loves high-definition entertainment." Although the firm offers several DVR HD recording configurations at various price levels, its big holiday attraction this season will be a three-tuner HD DVR box that allows users to record up to three programs simultaneously on the hard disc while viewing a fourth HD program or movie.

How often such a need arises is anyone's guess, but apparently it does happen to some HD enthusiasts who can't get enough of their favorite shows. Case-in-point: Moxi helpfully points out that on most Thursday nights, "Grey's Anatomy," "CSI" and "Fringe" all air simultaneously at 9 p.m. EST on ABC, CBS and Fox, respectively.

Besides something it very much does not have (monthly service fees), most Moxi HD DVR typically come with native HD interfaces, about 70–75 hours of HD recording space (275–300 hours of SD), and are expandable to 6.5TB, which is usually enough memory for up to 1,000 hours of HD recordings, using an external eSATA drive.

Then the biggest challenge is finding time to view 1,000 hours of HD content.