Motorola's DigiCipher Event Manager Controls Digital Ad Insertion

Motorola Inc.'s Broadband Communications Sector has released the Motorola DigiCipher Event Manager, a control system that allows programmers to interface automation systems with uplink transmission equipment to relay ad insertion opportunities and control information to broadband network operators. The DEM supports the transmission of DVS-253 messaging and legacy cue tone messaging for control of downstream headend insertion equipment.

The DEM has a modular architecture that enables a variety of control and operational scenarios. It can be set up to separate the automation interface function from the message control functions if the two systems are in different locations. A DEM digital I/O module can accept commands directly from automation and relay the commands via LAN to the event-processing module where messages are constructed and inserted into uplink system multiplexers.

The DEM also supports the creation of Profiles for sets of receiving locations or cable headends. When a commercial break in a given program needs to be treated differently at various downlink locations -- such as returning from the break at different times -- a profile that defines that operation can be downloaded over the satellite link to the appropriate set of integrated receiver/decoders (IRDs). After that, the same command from the uplink will trigger a different set of actions at select downlink locations. This feature minimizes complexity within the control network because a potentially large array of slightly different commands does not have to be sent to multiple downlink sites. The system can also send out insertion control messages addressed to particular individual and groups of IRDs.