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Motorola Mobility launches device to help deliver HDTV to the masses

Motorola Mobility (opens in new tab) has launched the Motorola High Definition Digital Terminal Adapter (HD-DTA), a small, cost-effective device to help service providers deliver HD content to their basic subscribers.

The HD-DTA is a one-way device that converts an operator’s digital signal in the home so subscribers can view HD content without the need for a more expensive, traditional set-top.

The Motorola HD-DTA is a small, sleek set-top that can be mounted out of sight and delivers HD content to additional outlets in the house. It includes a 1GHz, all-digital tuner, HDMI and RF outputs and a Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics (RF4CE) remote-control interface. The RF4CE remote enables control of the HD-DTA from anywhere in the room without line of sight to the device.