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Mormon Church Taps Fujinon to Equip New HD Truck

Heaven on wheels for most broadcast engineers likely would include having a big say in equipping an HD ENG truck from scratch. That’s basically what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has done when it decided to put together a 42-foot production truck for the church’s base in Salt Lake City.

LDS Mobile Wall

The truck chassis was built by Sunberry, Ohio-based Gerling & Associates and was mostly integrated by Diversified Systems of Santa Clara, Calif.

One of the first equipment purchases for the remote HD facility was a package of Fujinon HD lenses, including: two XA72x9.3BESM telephotos; three HA22x7.3BERD ENG lenses; and one HA13x4.5BERD wide-angle ENG/EFP lens with 2X range extender.

All six lenses are mounted on Sony HDC-1500 HD cameras.

The church added the HD production truck to its large broadcast equipment inventory after several years of consideration. The truck itself was basically intact last fall and has been taking on additional equipment needs ever since. One of the mobile facility’s chief functions includes covering the famed Mormon Tabernacle Choir for live and taped broadcasts both in Salt Lake City and around North America.

The truck, which can double as an additional control room at its base, is also designed to provide multicamera 4:4:4 cinema production capabilities.

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