Monitors Highlight Kansas City’s KMBC 9’s New Set

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.—In addition to the spring bloom, the new season brought a new set design to Kansas City’s ABC affiliate KMBC 9. Working with Devlin Design Group, KMBC sought a set that would provide a variety of storytelling venues to help visually connect with the community of more than two million people.

The focus of this new design was a series of high-tech monitors to provide visuals to assist with news stories. A 1x9 55-inch array of monitors serves as the backdrop for the main desk. The talent is able to interact with the video displayed on the series of monitors.

Over at the weather center, five 50-inch monitors are used to display the forecast by KMBC’s meteorologists. The weather desk, meanwhile, features a 2x1 80-inch monitor array that show the latest weather stats and a 90-inch monitor serving as an additional presentation option for big weather events and stories.

There is also an interview area that features a 6x1 array of 55-inch monitors and a movable 3x1 kiosk of 55-inch monitor that can display a sweep of nine monitors.

Additional technology deployed on the set includes color changing RGB LED back lit set walls that provide a wave pattern emulating the city’s two rivers.