Mobile-only manga-style comics to come from Paramount Digital Entertainment, Singapore’s Omnitoons partnership

U.S. and UK Paramount film hits will appear in single-panel, four-panel strip and comic book formats in the U.S, UK, Australian and Indian markets
Paramount enlisted Omnitoons for mobile animated versions of hit movies.

Paramount Digital Entertainment and Singapore-based animation studio Omnitoons have partnered to "manga-fy" such hot film properties as Paramount Motion Pictures’ “Mission Impossible” and the upcoming “Eagle Eye.” They’re also transforming British hits such as “Angus,” “Thongs” and “Perfect Snogging.” The mobile comics will be available in MMS and J2ME formats. Down the road, such comics can be used to support feature film promotion leading up to and during their release in theaters.

“Being able to collaborate with Paramount Digital Entertainment is a great testament to our vision of providing quality and addictive pop culture content. By adapting movies to the mobile comics format, we believe fans will be able to extend their entertainment experience at their own pace, with the privacy of their phone,” said Karen New, CEO of Omnitoons.

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