Mobile Video Snapshot: 6.5 Million Tuned In

Around 6.5 million Americans watched TV on their cell phones in August, according to ComScore, (NASDAQ: SCOR) the digital metric outfit in Reston, Va. Over three months ending in August, the majority watched YouTube-type clips, followed by music videos, comedy, movie trailers, TV shows and news.

Among the four major service providers--AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon—AT&T had the highest usage at 4.4 percent of subscribers tuning in over the three-month period. Sprint had 4.2 percent; T-Mobile and Verizon, both less than 3 percent.

On-demand videos were the most popular, garnering 3.6 million users. More than 1.3 million picked up an amateur video (a la YouTube); more than 1.2 million tapped into music; less than 1.2 million, comedy; around 1 million watched movie trailers, and a total of 727,000 users tapped local, national or world news. Weather was watched by 581,000 users.

The majority of mobile video users are men 18 to 34, according to ComScore’s results.
ComScore reports August numbers