Mobile TV Viewing on Tablets Ramps Up

Video technology service provider Ooyala has released its first quarterly report centered on video audiences. The results are surprising but not totally unexpected. They show that mobile video on tablets is increasing as far as usage, as well as viewing length. In the study, Ooyala looked at desktop viewing on a PC, mobile viewing on devices such as smartphones, and viewing on tablets such as the iPad and Android variants. For every minute of desktop viewing, they found the equivalent to be about a 1:17, which is almost 30 percent more viewing on the tablet. Mobile viewing was in the middle, at around half the rate or 15 percent.

Also interesting is the completion rate of video watching — this is where the consumers are charted to see if they actually complete a video. This is important because it signifies engagement and shows when viewers can absorb the entire content experience. The study showed that viewers were much more likely to complete a video on a tablet than on either a desktop PC or a mobile TV device. More viewers would choose a clip or video on a tablet and watch it to completion. This is an important element to consider for advertisers, who may have both post rolls and pre-rolls wrapped around video content.

In terms of video length, the study noted that desktops are mostly where short clips are viewed, whereas longer clips (more than 10 minutes) averaged about 30 percent of the hours viewed on mobile TV devices, 42 percent on tablets, and 75 percent on network/web-connected TVs and game consoles. Although the study does show that viewing is up all around, it also signifies that tablet viewing for videos is ramping up quickly and can only increase in the coming year.