Mobile TV viewing increases with subscription

MediaFLO USA's market research and viewer usage data shows that once consumers sign up for mobile TV, their use of it grows progressively more regular. In other words, viewing quickly becomes part of their daily routines. Metrics show that FLO TV viewers spend an average of more than 20 minutes a day watching television on their phones.

This is comparable to the average time U.S. cell phone users spend talking on their cell phones daily, according to CTIA's Semi-Annual Wireless Industry Survey. Maybe what seems a reasonable time to be on the phone carries over in a person’s habits as a reasonable time for TV viewing. Are the former handset habits determining the new TV handset sense of what’s long enough or too long?

FLO TV's most dramatic audience 2008 increases occurred during live events, supporting the contention that the driver for mobile TV is real-time news, sports and entertainment:

  • Audiences grew 103 percent over the daily average during this year's U.S. Open golf championship playoff between Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate.
  • FLO TV's dedicated Olympics channel on AT&T Mobile TV was the most-watched channel on the AT&T Mobile TV service during live Olympics coverage.
  • Live coverage of Hurricane Ike helped spike viewership by 31 percent during the storm.
  • On Election Day, FLO TV subscribers spent an average of 22 percent more time watching TV on their phones.

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