Mobile Satellite Service 2 GHz Authorizations Modified

Authorizations for four Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) licensees--Celsat, Iridium, ICO and Boeing--were modified to indicate the licensees may choose selected assignments of 5 MHz bandwidth within the 2000-2020 MHz uplink and 2180-2200 MHz downlink bands. This change is necessary because the 1990-2000 MHz, 2020-2025 MHz and 2165-2180 MHz bands were reallocated from MSS to terrestrial wireless services. Some of these frequencies were previously assigned for broadcast auxiliary use (primarily ENG).

For the changes to specific authorizations, see the links below. Note that the Boeing modification also involves frequencies outside the 2 GHz band.

Celsat America, Inc.
Iridium 2 GHz LLC
ICO Satellite Services, G.P.
The Boeing Company