Mobile Marketing Association forms committees devoted to mobile advertising, interactivity standards development

In an effort to accelerate the adoption of advertising and marketing campaigns on mobile devices, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) recently formed the Participation TV Committee (PTV) and the Global Measurement Committee (GMC).

The PTV Committee will devise standards across the major elements of the TV supply chain to ensure the consistency of interactive mobile advertising campaigns. Once the standards are developed, the committee, which includes TV broadcasters, producers, mobile operators, mobile gateway providers and application specialists, will integrate them into the MMA’s Consumer Best Practices guidelines.

The GMC will create guidelines allowing agencies to consistently measure the success of mobile advertising and marketing campaigns. According to a press statement issued by the MMA, such guidelines are needed for advertisers to commit to mobile campaigns: “Before allocating budgets to mobile, brands require a deeper understanding of the role of mobile in the overall mix, consumer acceptance of brand messaging, consistent guidelines and best practices as well as insight into effectiveness and value.”

As part of this push toward mobile advertising, the MMA has also partnered with the GSM Association (GSMA), which represents approximately 700 GSM mobile phone operators around the world. The MMA will develop guidelines, formats and best practices for mobile advertising while the GSM will work with mobile operators across the globe to develop consistent commercial and measurement models for mobile advertising and marketing campaigns.

The MMA’s current Consumer Best Practices guidelines can be found at

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