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Mobile Connected Devices Drive CE Industry

ARLINGTON, VA.—Mobile connected devices continue to drive consumer electronics industry sales, according to The U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales and Forecasts, released by the Consumer Electronics Association.

The report also finds positive growth in automotive technology, audio products and TV displays. Overall revenue will hold steady relative to 2012. July’s forecast also introduces sales data for fitness technology, desktop 3D printers and Bluetooth/Airplay-enabled speakers.

Smartphones and tablets will represent 32.2 percent of CE industry revenue. Smartphones are expected to continue as the leading revenue driver, with unit shipments projected to reach 127 million this year. Additionally, smartphone revenues are expected to surpass $37.8 billion. Tablet computing will continue double-digit growth. Unit sales are projected to reach 87.1 million and revenues expected to surpass $27.3 billion.

Audio continues to see growth. Home audio unit shipments are projected to increase to 11.4 million shipments. Soundbar shipments are projected to increase by 40 percent over 2012 to reach 2.8 million units, while portable connected speakers should generate $302 million in total revenue in 2013 – an increase of 35 percent year-over-year.

The U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales and Forecasts also shows increasing demand to integrate mobile devices into vehicles. An increase in sales for in-vehicle electronics has led to overall revenues for factory-installed systems to reach $9.2 billion. The integration of mobile devices is also helping in the aftermarket. Unit growth for head units equipped with Internet radio control or apps is projected to double.

Sales of digital displays continue to increase, despite a steady decline in average wholesale prices. TV sales are important, with total TV sets and displays projected to reach $19.3 billion, down three percent from 2012.

LCD flat panels will account for 91 percent of all digital TV sets sold this year. Both unit sales and revenues are projected to increase, with 36.3 million LCD TVs expected to ship, resulting in $16.8 billion in revenue.

Features such as 3D, Ultra HD and OLED displays are popular, and Internet-connected displays will see continued growth, with unit shipments reaching 13.7 million this year.

The report projects industry sales will reach $202.6 billion. Looking to 2014, sales growth is forecasted to grow by 4.5 percent, reaching $211.7 billion.

The update also introduced sales data for new categories: ultra HD, shipments are projected to reach 57,000 units, with shipment revenue to earn $314 million; fitness technology, unit shipments are expected to reach 10.2 million, with revenues reaching $854 million; desktop 3D printers, unit sales are projected to reach 41,000, with revenues reaching $52 million.