Mobile Companies Cover NBA Playoffs with Grass Gear

Game Creek Video and NEP Supershooters used Grass Valley multiformat acquisition and production gear to cover the recent NBA Playoffs.

Between the two production companies, six trucks are using Grass Valley Kalypso SD and HD Video Production Center and XtenDD HD switchers along with Grass Valley LDK 6000 mk II WorldCam HD cameras to capture the live free-throws, three-pointers and slam dunks.

Game Creek was on-site with two of its trucks, outfitted with a Kalypso HD Video Production Center, which covered the Western Conference Playoff Series for ABC and ESPN.

Some of the playoff games were produced in SD, with a Kalypso SD 3 M/E switcher and some, including the NBA Finals, in HD--and 5.1 Dolby Digital audio--with a Grass Valley Kalypso HD 4 M/E switcher.