Mississippi Educational Television Buys Harris Gear for Digital Transition

Mississippi Education Broadcasting Television, an eight-station public television network, ordered $3.2 million in transmission equipment from Harris Corp.'s Broadcast Communication Division to aid the network's transition to digital broadcasting.

The public television network bought a Platinum CD VHF digital transmitter, Diamond CD UHF digital transmitters, Monitorplus systems and test gear and a reconfiguration of the Harris Broadcast Manager control system.

The Diamond and Platinum transmitters use the Real-Time Adaptive Correction system, which provides continuous automatic correction for frequency, response distortions in the power amplifier and the high-power bandpass filter, error vector magnitude and signal-to-noise ratio.

The Monitorplus DTV monitoring system is a plug-and-play transmitter site system that monitors day-to-day RF signal quality, transport stream integrity, program video and audio signals.