MIRA Mobile to build new HD truck around QuStream routing, signal processing

MIRA Mobile Television has placed a major order for QuStream Cheetah routing and Integrity signal-processing equipment.

Based in the Pacific Northwest, MIRA Mobile is one of the largest mobile facilities providers in the western United States with mobile units ranging from a 48ft digital straight truck to 53ft HD expandos.

The M7HD will be the seventh truck in its fleet, but the first to be built around QuStream's routing and signal-processing technology, said Bill Duncan, MIRA's director of engineering. MIRA Mobile's routing system is anchored by the Cheetah 288XE HD/3G digital video router and the Cheetah DRS distributed audio systems. Populated with an active matrix of 288 inputs and 576 outputs, the Cheetah 288XE video router provides the central backbone for all SD/HD routing and 1080p routing with its 3G capability. Complementing the 288XE is the Cheetah DRS distributed audio routing configured for 256 AES and 256 analog inputs and outputs.

Completing M7's infrastructure is QuStream's Integrity series of signal processing technology. The 600 Series includes downconverting DAs, and the 500 Series provides the truck's up/down/crossconversion with side-column keyers. QuStream QuadraComb NTSC/SDI decoders and 1 x 15 and dual 1 x 3 DAs round out the system.

For more information, visit www.qustream.com.