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Mira Mobile Television Equips New Truck with Fujinon Lenses

Mira Mobile Television has selected Fujinon HD lenses for use with its latest high-definition vehicle, a 53-foot unit used for coverage of such events as sports, entertainment programming and corporate video.

The new Mira truck will be traveling with 12 Fujinon lenses for its 10 Sony 1550 1080p cameras. The package includes an XA101-8.9 BESM super telephoto model and six XA88x8.8BESM telephoto models, all equipped with image stabilization; three HA22x7.8BERM ENG lenses; and two HA13x4.5BERM super wide angle units.

In making the selection, Mira Mobile weighed several considerations, including the use of aspheric technology in reduction of lens distortions, as well as anti-fogging characteristics.

"The aspheric technology appealed to us for two reasons," said Bill Duncan, Mira's director of engineering. "Since there are fewer elements that you have to create an optical image, there's less opportunity for flare, glare and other issues."

And as Mira primarily operates in the Pacific Northwest, Duncan was also impressed with Fujinon's technique for eliminating lens problems caused by high humidity.

"There are times we have to transport the lenses when they're still wet, after breaking down from a shoot," said Duncan. "We've had to postpone shooting after rainy shows with other lenses until their interior fogging clears up. That just doesn't happen with Fujinon lenses."

Mira Mobile Television is based in Portland, Ore., and has an additional field shop in Vancouver, British Columbia.