Micronas Rolls Out 4G COFDM Chip Following Acquisition of Linx Electronics

Zurich-based chipmaker Micronas unveiled its fourth-generation COFDM demodulator for the European terrestrial DTV market. The DRX 3973D, according to Micronas, addresses atmospheric and dynamic interferences with new adaptive compensation schemes and improves indoor reception. The new chip is also said to accommodate adjacent-channel, analog and digital reception. Production quantities are planned for shipment in Q4.

Just two weeks ago, Micronas agreed to buy Linx Electronics, the Palatine, Ill., company on the forefront of developing over-the-air DTV reception technologies for the U.S. market. Speculation that Linx overcame many of the multipath problems that marred early 8-VSB tests has long abounded, but the company lacked the manpower and manufacturing facilities to mass-produce TV tuner chips.

Micronas, with 1,750 employees, picked up Linx and its 20-some engineers for $26 million, just as the DTV tuner mandate is poised to kick in starting this July.