Micronas Offering 'World's Smallest DTV Demodulator'

Last week, Micronas said the DRX3931J, in a tiny 7x7 mm, 48-pin QFN package, is now available. The DRX3931J is an 8-VSB and QAM 64/246 demodulator. The chip uses Micronas' primeD demodulator technology. Rich Citta, chief scientist at Micronas Semiconductors Inc., said "Micronas's primeD technology does not simply discard undesired signal echoes, but instead combines them with the desired signal. This results in superior performance under realistic field conditions." He also noted that the demodulator includes a broadband input power detector that allows optimizing adjacent channel performance.

"The last phase of the FCC tuner mandate is certainly the most critical phase for cost and size sensitive applications like small size TVs, terrestrial set-top boxes, DVD recorders, PCTV applications and other devices with terrestrial reception capabilities," said Stefan Szasz, ATSC marketing manager at Micronas Semiconductors. "Ironically, these are also applications that are most likely to be used for digital terrestrial TV reception and thus require robust and reliable reception performance. The DRX3931J is optimized to support all types of applications in the most competitive manner without compromising any of the critical factors like performance, size and cost, which are vital for the success of our customers in the market place."

The Micronas announcement said pricing for 100k annual quantities will be about $4. Samples are available now, with production planned for the second quarter of 2007.