Miami Dolphins Capture NFL Action With Panasonic HD Cameras

The NFL's Miami Dolphins is using Panasonic Broadcast AJ-HDC27 Varicam and AG-HVX200 DVCPRO HD camcorders to shoot football highlights and special events this season.

The Dolphins and Dolphin Stadium organization are using the cameras as well as installing large hi-def video screens to enhance fan's viewing and entertainment experiences. The cameras will be used to provide interviews, in-game features and special event coverage.

Jeff Griffith, director of programming and production for the team, said that the camera technology is well suited to the job.

"The cameras produce amazing details. The range and clarity of the picture are almost too perfect, picking up every possible detail," Griffith said. "We were zooming in on people at a practice and I could even see the five o'clock shadow on their faces when the footage is displayed on the Daktronic video board. Sometimes we have to pull out because we are seeing too much detail. We thought it would just be a step above Digital Betacam, but it went well beyond."