Mexican electoral institute archives with XenData, Volicon

XenData is collaborating with Excelencia to deliver remote monitoring and archiving across 150 broadcast facilities to the Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE) in preparation for the Mexican midterm elections.

As part of IFE’s charter, it must ensure that all political parties are given equal time from the hundreds of TV and radio stations broadcasting throughout Mexico. To monitor and record all of the country’s TV channels, IFE required 150 new facilities to be installed and operational in time for Mexico’s elections held in July 5, 2009. The components to be installed at each of the 150 new facilities include Volicon’s Observer for content acquisition and monitoring, XenData’s Archive Series software for archiving all monitored video to RAID and LTO-4 data tape, and custom software developed by Excelencia to integrate the entire system and provide reports to IFE.