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Metro Signs 30th Sigalert Affiliate

NEW YORK: Metro Television, a provider of traffic information to television broadcasters, has announced the signing of its 30th Sigalert television affiliate, KCPQ in Seattle. The Sigalert service provides graphically-enhanced traffic information, as well as the presentation of real-time traffic speeds derived from cell phone tracking.

“Sigalert stands above other offerings by utilizing the deep resources of Metro Traffic,” said Fred Bennett, president and general manager of Metro Television. “Metro Traffic operates a fleet of 38 aircraft, advanced cell phone tracking, and images from over 10,000 live traffic cameras, which are all managed by over 1,200 professionals dedicated to supporting Sigalert affiliates with the most credible, easy-to-use., local traffic information in the country.”

The company provides traffic reporting to more than 194 television and 2,250 radio stations.