Meredith Selects WideOrbit for Mobile Weather Alerts

SAN FRANCISCO— WideOrbit announced that WO Mobile has been selected by Meredith Local Media Group to deliver automated, up-to-the-minute closings and weather alerts to its TV audiences.

WO Mobile enables users to launch targeted mobile programs and campaigns, such as SMS alerts, MMS videos, sweepstakes and mobile coupons. It is offered as a turnkey service that can be used by media companies, agencies, brands and nearly any type of consumer-focused business. When combined with WO Traffic, WideOrbit’s sales, traffic and revenue management platform, WO Mobile integrates seamlessly to allow users to combine mobile campaigns with traditional spot buys on a single order for streamlined billing, invoicing and reporting.

Meredith’s viewers can sign up to receive critical information such as school, business and church closings, emergency weather alerts and breaking news alerts. WO Mobile creates a completely automated connection between the station’s on-air feeds regarding closings and weather, and the WO Mobile database, to trigger immediate SMS alerts to subscribers. The subscription sign-up page is dynamically updated with the latest information for a completely automated solution. Along with any mobile campaign, alerts can be sponsored by advertisers, providing an additional revenue stream that can be invoiced and tracked in WO Traffic.