Media companies establish security measures

Leaders from the broadcast, cable and satellite industries have adopted 49 “best practices” recommendations to ensure the continued operation and security of media facilities in times of a national emergency. The FCC’s Media Security and Reliability Council (MSRC) recently adopted the recommendations.

Key recommendations include:

  • Media companies should have appropriate physical security at their key facilities.
  • Media companies should take appropriate measures to provide backup power capabilities for their key facilities.
  • Media companies with local news origination should ensure that they have robust and redundant ways to communicate with external news services and remote news teams.
  • All local media in a market should collaborate to increase their collective geographic diversity and to establish redundant interconnections capable of supporting emergency operations.
  • Media companies should develop and implement written disaster recovery plans, update them as events warrant, and regularly conduct emergency drills at least once a year.
  • Media companies should have the ability to access alternate telecommunications capabilities.

The full text of these and other recommendations are available at

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