Media Bureau grants waivers to SHVERA distant signal provision

The Media Bureau adopted an order Oct. 30 extending waivers to several broadcasters from a provision of the Satellite Home Viewer Extension and Reauthorization Act (SHVERA) that allows certain viewers to demonstrate their eligibility to receive distant digital satellite signals.

Under SHVERA, residents living in the area predicted to be served by an analog signal of a local network station can demonstrate that they are eligible to receive the signals of a distant like-network station via satellite if the local network affiliate’s over-the-air signal fails to meet the intensity standard established by commission rules.

Local affiliate stations may seek waivers from the rule under certain circumstances. In November 2005, 61 stations requested a waiver. In April 2006, the Media Bureau granted six-month waivers to 23 stations. The action Oct. 30 granted six-month waiver extensions to several stations.

Waivers were granted for a variety of reasons, including international coordination or approvals, clear zoning or environmental legal impediments, or force majeure, “an unexpected and disruptive event which may operate to excuse a party from a contract.”

Granted waivers due to international coordination or approval requirements:

  • KFTR-DT, Ontario, CA;
  • KVOA-DT, Tucson, AZ;
  • WNYO-DT, Buffalo, NY;
  • WBNX-TV, Akron, OH;
  • WSMH-DT, Flint, MI.

Granted waivers due to zoning or environmental legal impediments:

  • WVNY-DT, Burlington, VT;
  • WFFT-DT, Burlington, VT;
  • WPTZ-DT, North Pole, NY;
  • KHNL-DT, Honolulu, HI;
  • KOGG-DT, Wailuku, HI;
  • KUSA-DT, Denver;
  • KCNC-DT, Denver;
  • KUPN-DT, Denver.

Granted waivers due to force majeure:

  • WNBC-DT, New York City;
  • WDSU-DT, New Orleans.

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