MassTech’s MassStore Utilized by VC Medios

TORONTO—Venezuelan media services provider VC Medios has acquired two new MassStore platforms from MassTech, building off a previous installation. The MassStore system manages and automates file-based production and digital delivery workflows.

VC Medios initially used the MassStore platform to automate the transfer of file-based content between in headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela and a partner facility in Florida. Now the company uses the MassTech system to manage the movement of content across locations and internally between VC Medios’ archive, post-production and playout workflows.

One of the two newly acquired systems was deployed to the company’s recently opened Bogota, Colombia production center. The second was added to its headquarters to support operations for IVC Net.

MassTech is a provider of software systems for managing digital media content. It is based out of Toronto.