Massive Mitsubishi OLEDs to Go on Sale

Mitsubishi said today that it will launch its new Diamond Vision OLED Sept. 21. The manufacturer describes the modular display as “the world’s first, large-scale display system in the 100-inch and above range that uses organic light emitting diode as its light source.”

The Diamond Vision OLED offers horizontal and vertical viewing angles reaching approximately ±80 degrees, features a maximum brightness of 1,200cd/m², and twice the high contrast of Mitsubishi’s LED displays. The resolution is far sub HD at 1,088 x 640, rendering it less suitable for use in a home theater than a digital signage system.

The screens, up to 155 inches, are created by connecting several standard modules each measuring 15-by-15 inches and weighing 8 kilograms. Diamond Vision OLED is therefore scalable and can be designed to conform to a certain size or shape, including rounded surfaces. The screen ends up being about 3.8 inches deep.

The product’s OLED device, jointly developed between Mitsubishi Electric and Tohoku Pioneer Corp., creates light by a process of electro-luminescence. Each pixel consists of an anode and cathode separated by a thin, organic membrane.

Mitsubishi’s Diamond Vision OLED will be showcased at CEATEC JAPAN 2010, Oct. 5-9 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.