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Maryland Public Television Upgrades With New Comark DTV Exciters

SOUTHWICK, MASS.—Two Maryland Public Television stations, WMPB in Baltimore and WMPT in Annapolis, have upgraded their existing digital TV transmitters for Comark’s new EXACT-ATSC digital TV exciters.

The EXACT-ATSC exciters were designed as drop-in replacements for existing Comark transmitters, but they are also able to operate in a standalone mode with third-party transmitters. Built on a 1RU rack-mount hardware platform with ATSC firmware, the EXACT-ATSC features DualCast technology that will be able to upgrade from ATSC 1.0 to ATSC 3.0.

The exciter also features high performing Digital Adaptive Precorrection. DAP automatically corrects both linear and non-linear system distortions inherent to all DTV systems. In addition, simple control and monitoring is included with a front panel backlit LCD display, can be remotely controlled via a built-in GUI, and has the option of a SNMP client to incorporate with a third-party NMS.