Mark Corl to Examine ATSC 3.0 Datacasting at 2022 NAB Show

Triveni Digital
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PRINCETON, N.J.—Mark Corl, Triveni Digital senior vice president of emergent technology development, will present a session on NextGen TV datacasting at the 2022 Broadcast and Engineering IT Conference, Sunday, April 24, 10:35-10:55 a.m., held during the NAB Show (opens in new tab) in Las Vegas. 

During the session, “Exploring the Benefits of ATSC 3.0 Datacasting and Opportunistic Data Insertion (ODI),” Corl will look at the advantages of ATSC 3.0 as a data delivery platform and outline how broadcasters can implement NextGen TV datacasting and take advantage of ODI opportunities.

"NextGen TV is an outstanding opportunity for broadcasters to deliver advanced, revenue-enhancing services, including datacasting," said Corl. "My BEITC session will highlight how broadcasters can overcome bandwidth challenges and take advantage of new, exciting data delivery opportunities by utilizing bandwidth optimization and intelligent management technologies."

Corl will offer his insights on how to deploy an ATSC 3.0 datacasting environment, sharing use cases and strategies for optimizing the broadcast path through forward error correction, hybrid delivery return path statistics, statistical multiplexing and ODI. The session will highlight why it is important for broadcasters to operate in a unified solutions environment to leverage ODI and bring NextGen TV datacasting services to market.

The presentation will be delivered at the Las Vegas Convention Center in room W307-W309.

See Triveni Digital at NAB Show booth W9418.

More information on the presentation is available online (opens in new tab) and on the company’s products on Triveni Digital website (opens in new tab).

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