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Lynn University Adopts Dejero LIVE+ Mobile App

KITCHENER, ONTARIO — Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla., has chosen the Dejero LIVE+ Mobile App for video newsgathering, according to the vendor. A member of Dejero’s family of mobile newsgathering products, the LIVE+ Mobile App is loaded onto Apple iPad mini tablets for capturing and transmitting HD video. In addition, the Dejero LIVE+ Mobile App complements Lynn University’s newly launched iPad initiative that placed the tablets, fully loaded with educational software and digital textbooks, in the hands of more than 700 freshmen and transfer students this fall.

Operated by the Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn College of International Communication, Lynn University’s new campus television station will stream live and recorded content to the school’s website, offering an opportunity for multimedia journalism and film/television students to get hands-on experience gathering content and producing TV news. The students, including reporters for the school newspaper and those in other majors who volunteer as “citizen journalists,” can sign out one of 10 iPad mini tablets equipped with the Dejero LIVE+ Mobile App. At the news source, the student reporters can launch the LIVE+ Mobile App to connect instantly with the Lynn University Wi-Fi network and transmit HD video, either for live newscasts or in a recorded format for later streaming. With the LIVE+ Mobile App, reporters can use both the front and back cameras of the iPad mini to build a complete breaking news story.

The Dejero-powered iPad mini tablets will be used primarily to stream live campus events such as lectures, sports events, and drama and music programs. Since the setup works anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, the university can also use the tablets to cover off-campus events; one example is a planned performance by the Lynn University drama department at the university's sister school in Ireland next semester. In addition, the university is looking at providing the Dejero LIVE+ Mobile App as part of the broader Lynn University iPad initiative, to further enable citizen journalism across the campus.