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Los Angeles market cluster completes 2GHz BAS relocation

Broadcasters in the Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs and Santa Barbara, CA, TV markets, which together account for the most newsgathering equipment of any TV market cluster in the nation, completed their 2GHz Broadcast Auxiliary Service relocation June 6.

The relocation involved nearly 200 ENG trucks, 14 helicopters and more than 175 receive sites throughout the area. “Given the sheer size and complexity of the Los Angeles-area transition, this is a major accomplishment in the project and continues the transition progress realized during the first half of 2009,” said Michael Degitz, VP of spectrum management for Sprint.

With the completion of the relocation in the Los Angeles market cluster, 108 markets have completed their BAS relocations. Statistics released June 8 by Sprint Nextel reveal:

  • 51 percent of all TV markets are now transitioned;
  • 88 percent of the total BAS equipment has been delivered to stations;
  • 75 percentof all BAS operators in the United States have received all of the elements of BAS systems that they need to relocate; and
  • 61 percent of broadcasters have already installed the new equipment that they have ordered.