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LodgeNet Adds ESPN HD Channels

ESPN and LodgeNet Entertainment have signed a deal enabling the distribution of ESPN HD and ESPN2 HD through LodgeNet's sigNETure HDTV systems. LodgeNet now provides interactive, VOD and HD services (at select properties) to more than one million hotels rooms, serving about 6,000 hotels worldwide, according to the company.

The firm's hotel satellite network first introduced HD programming nearly two years ago, and added HBO HD and HDNet earlier this year. It also features some premium PPV movies that are still in theaters--along with local broadcast channels (in SD). In 2006, ESPN reported that its two HD sports channels plan to deliver a combined menu of more than 500 sports events, equaling about 2,000 HD programs.

The LodgeNet sigNETure HDTV system (each hotel property has its own server) integrates Pro:Idiom, an open standard security software developed by LG Electronics to protect the integrity of digital content along the entire the distribution chain, according to LodgeNet.