Local stations pool together for Giants celebration parade in NYC

Local news organizations in New York City, already stretched thin by Super Tuesday political primary voting, pooled their technical resources to provide live coverage of the Super Bowl victory celebration — a ticker-tape parade in downtown Manhattan and a giant celebration across the Hudson River at their Meadowlands stadium home.

Stations WABC, WCBA, WNBC, WNYW, WWOR, New York 1, ESPN News and MSG all contributed camera crews, transmission facilities and other equipment.

While the on-air staffs were exclusive to each station, the video feeds were similar at times, thanks to a sharing agreement between most of the local broadcasters.

Dan Forman, WNBC/Ch. 4's senior vice president of news, said it would be difficult for each of the stations to cover the event, which included the political race and inclement weather, on its own.

All but one of the local broadcast stations covered the parade from start to finish. WPIX/Ch. 11 was the lone holdout, sticking with its regular programming, the “Maury” and “Jerry Springer” talk