LiveU Adopts NewTek NDI for IP Production

HACKENSACK, N.J.—LiveU has announced it is adopting NewTek’s open Network Device Interface standard for its LU2000 bonded video transceiver. Integrating the device with the standard will allow the LU2000 to be a recognizable source by other NDI-enabled devices and systems connected to a standard Ethernet local area network, increasing the number of video sources available during production.

Broadcasters will receive feeds over IP networks directly from the LU2000 with the NDI integration, including automatic discovery of available feeds. This will allow broadcasters to implement a remote production setup with multiple cameras equipped with LiveU field units. NDI integrated equipment will automatically recognize available NDI channels and consume the feeds without a matrix router and analog SDI cables.

The NDI standard is bi-directional and compatible with products that utilize NewTek’s open standard for IP connectivity between devices and applications.

LiveU is part of the NewTek Developer Network.