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Lithuania's LNK TV Adopts Panasonic P2

LNK, Lithuania's largest independent broadcaster, has adopted Panasonic P2 technology for news and programme production, taking the number of broadcasters adopting P2 to over 600.

LNK selected Panasonic P2 cameras and equipment following the adoption of P2 by Latvian Independent TV (LNT), TV5, PBK, and Kanal 2 in Estonia. P2 cameras will be used for acquisition in news and productions for all four LNK channels: LNK, TV1, INFO, and Liuks.

"P2 is the best solution for LNK for many reasons," said Ri ardas Kazlauskas, technical director of LNK. "Currently we are broadcasting analogue and DVB-T signals in standard definition, but we are going to completely switch to HD in 2012, when analogue terrestrial broadcasts will be discontinued. So we have to start acquiring HD material immediately, to prepare for the upcoming HD era, and the HD capabilities of P2 cameras are excellent. Another important factor in favour of P2 technology is the improvement in speed of workflow. Our editing systems will provide advanced integration with P2 media, enabling MXF support and direct editing on P2 media at incredible speeds."